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EFL set early summer transfer window closure talks for September

Jurgen Klopp recently hit out at UEFA over transfer deadline

The English Football League has set talks over an early closure of the Premier League summer transfer window for September.

That is the latest development as the EFL have confirmed they will have discussions with Premier League teams next month.

And the talks will be strictly about ending the summer transfer window before the beginning of a brand new season.

The news comes only 24 hours after the Premier League had actually proposed the start of a new summer window.

They feel this would stop new players from moving to EPL club-sides before the first match of a fresh term.

Sky Sports News quotes an EFL spokesman as saying: “The EFL Board and its clubs have previously expressed the opinion.

“That closing the summer transfer window in advance of the season commencing would be an improvement on the current position.

“On this basis, we will be tabling the matter for discussion with clubs in September.

“It will be important that all the consequences of such a decision are fully considered.

“That is the case as the requirements of our clubs are different to those in Europe’s top flight leagues.”

Premier League summer transfer window to close before season starts

The English Premier League summer transfer window is set to close before the season will start, according to valid reports.

That is the case as the Premier League governing body is reportedly ready to give the go-ahead to such proposal.

And that same proposal is asking for the summer transfer window to shut down before the beginning of any campaign.

As it currently is, club-sides in England have the right to purchase and trade players until the end of August.

And as a result of this, the transfer window goes on almost three weeks after a new season has started.

According to a report from The Telegraph, the majority of representatives from the 20 Premier League teams want a change.

They have made a decision to vote for a new deadline which will take effect prior to the 2018-19 season.

Reports have, however, emerged that Watford are one of a few sides against the idea of an earlier cut-off point.

But a majority vote of more than two thirds is surely going to push the proposal through to it’s success.

Numerous coaches have also gone ahead for changes to take place in the transfer window, most especially in the EPL.

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp believes it would have helped his side if the window had ended before the season began.

The rule which is currently in place, however, implies that the window will not close for business until August 31.

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